CHUEX SESSION (08/02/2024, 15/02/2024, 22/02/2024, 29/02/2024), KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

CHUEX SESSION (08/02/2024, 15/02/2024, 22/02/2024, 29/02/2024)

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CHUEX SESSION (08/02/2024, 15/02/2024, 22/02/2024, 29/02/2024)
Workshop NSC
Feb 08, 2024 to Feb 29, 2024
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Class rooms & Imperial Hall
Student Affairs
CHUEX SESSION (08/02/2024, 15/02/2024, 22/02/2024, 29/02/2024)

In collaboration with the Centre for Human Excellence (CHUEX), the Student Affairs is thrilled to announce a series of insightful sessions tailored exclusively for our students. Led by esteemed clinical psychologists, Mr. Babu Rangarajan, Head of CHUEX, and Mrs. Roja Ramni, Associate Head of CHUEX, these sessions aim to foster personal growth, mental well-being, and holistic development among our student body.

Event Details:

Date & Time:

08/02/2024: For 2nd-year AD, AM, BM, CE students.

15/02/2024: For 2nd-year CS-A, CS-B, CS-C, CS-D students.

22/02/2024: For 2nd-year CSBS, CH, EC-A, EC-B students.

29/02/2024: For 2nd-year EE, IT, ME, MI students.

Session Format:

Morning Sessions: Conducted in respective classrooms.

Afternoon Sessions: Held at the Imperial Hall for personalized one-on-one discussions.

About the Session:

The CHUEX session offers students a unique opportunity to engage with experts in the field of clinical psychology. Through interactive discussions, students will explore various facets of personal development, coping mechanisms, stress management, and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


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