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Grants Received

Grants Received

S.No. Name of the P.I / Co-PI Dept. Title Agency Period Date Amount (Million)
Grants Received 2022 to till date
1 Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya, Ms. S. Bharani CE Advances in Hazardous Waste Management Technology IEI 2 days 12.07.2022 ₹0.03 MM
2 Mr.M.Singaram, Mr.V.Chandraprasad EC National Seminar on Modern Antenna Design for 5G and Releated Applications DRDO 2 days 08.07.2022 ₹0.02 MM
3 Ms.G.Kausalya CFRD Tunable photoluminescence graphitic carbon nitride for biosensing and bioimaging applications. DST - Women Scientist Scheme - A 3 year 08.08.2022 ₹2.492 MM
4 Dr. S. Kanmani, Dr.S.Arivazhagan CE Fabrication of Fine Korai Splitting Machine - Splitting and Pith Removal of Korai Grass for Weaving into Mats RuTAG, IIT Madras 1 year 06.10.2022 ₹0.27 MM
5 Lt.Dr.A.K.Priya CH TNSCST, Young Scientist Fellowship Scheme(2021-2022) 4 months 21.10.2022 ₹0.0468 MM
6 Gowtham S, Guna S, Dr.P.Pandiyan EE IDEATN003142 - Tracking of Childs Nutritional Status and Physical Health (Well-being) MSME 1 year 30.06.2022 ₹0.459 MM
7 Imaya Ganesh S,Bharathwaj R, Mr.B.K.Saravanan ME IDEATN003566- A Drone using Autodesk 360 software for disaster mitagation and Relief MSME 8 months 30.06.2022 ₹0.9384 MM
8 Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Dr.D.Ganeshkumar ME A Bio-Medical Device for Health Care Application, Design and Development of Polymer Based Invasive sensor for ICU patients MSME 2 years 30.06.2022 ₹1.1475 MM
9 Mr.S.Satheesh Kumar, Dr.M.Kathirvelu, Dr.J.Muralidharan, Dr.J.Prasad ECE Modern Electrophoresis device for early detection of sickle cell anaemia among the tribal communities in India MSME 3 years 30.06.2022 ₹1.2325 MM
10 Ms.S.Chandraprabha, Mr.D.Ram Nivas ECE Navigation Assistance Tool MSME 3 years 30.06.2022 ₹1.2325 MM
Total₹7.8687 MM
Grants Received 2021-2022
1 Mr.S.Satheesh Kumar, Mr.D.Ram Nivas EC Online 6 days FDTP on, ”Electronics Packaging and Testing” (EC8005) State - Anna University 1 Week 31.05.2022 ₹0.03 MM
2 Dr.T.Daniel Thangadurai Chemistry Development of Low-cost prototype device based on Graphene Quantum Dot composites for rapid online monitoring of Uranium (IV/VI) and Thorium (IV) in Acidic conditions UGC-DAE CSR 3 Years 30.03.2022 ₹0.71028 MM
3 Mr.Kannan.T ME Bluetooth controlled floor cleaning robot by using android phone TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075 MM
4 Mr.S.P Cowsigan EC Enhancing survival during fire accidents using quadcopter TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075 MM
5 Mr.T.Jagadeesh EC IOT Based Smart Fertilizer Management System TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075 MM
6 Ms.Saranya Devi.S BM Data-driven stress prediciton model using physiological signals TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075 MM
7 Mrs.D.Sudarvizhi BM Diabetic foot ulcer detection using convolutional neural network TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075 MM
8 Dr.S.Karunakaran CH Evolving customized enzyme mixture for fibrous poultry feedstuffs and unconventional crop residues TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075 MM
9 Dr.K.Ravikumar ME Processing and characterization of additive manufactured components for engineering and medical applications DST-SERB- Seminar grant -- 22.03.2022 ₹0.07 MM
10 Dr. N. Raja Maths Applicable Mathematics Indian Academy of Science -- 12.10.2021 ₹0.0235 MM
11 Dr.M.Kalamani, Mr.G.PradeepKumar EC Cognitive skills for Active Learner AICTE-AQIS -- 10.12.2021 ₹0.093 MM
12 Dr.D.Venugopal & Ms.A.Reethika EC National Seminar on Channel Engineering in Indium phosphide (InP) based HEMT for THz Applications DRDO -- 12.02.2022 ₹0.02 MM
13 Mr.T Venkatesh & Ms.S Chandraprabha EC Leveraging AI and IoT in Industrial sector AICTE-ISTE -- 14.02.2022 ₹0.005 MM
14 Dr.D. GaneshKumar
Mr. John Amose
BM One day National seminar in Current Trends in Neuromotor Rehabilitation by Adapting Improved Acoustic Models of Dysarthric Speech CSIR -- 18.01.2022 ₹0.01 MM
15 Dr. A. K. Priya CE To design and develop Eco friendly Cordybloomer readymade kit for the efficient growth of cordyceps mushrooms using smart technology DBT BIG BIRAC 18 Months 07.09.2021 ₹5.0 MM
16 Dr. M. Sivasangari CS National Seminar on Data Science for Genomics and Precision medicine CSIR 2 Days (11.11.2021 & 12.11.2021) 31.08.2021 ₹0.01 MM
17 Dr. A. Devipriya CS Webinar AI & ML for IoT Applications in Healthcare Systems ICSSR 5 Days (26.07.2021 to 30.07.2021) 12.07.2021 ₹0.03 MM
18 Dr. D. Ganesh Kumar
Ms. D. Sudarvizhi
Mr. John Amose
BM “Current trends in neurorehabilitation for brain attack disorders using vlasov-poisson-landau system and innovations in adaptable intelligent system using bernstein–greene–kruskal - a future approach” (CTNBIAS’21) CSIR 1 Day (13.11.2021) 01.07.2021 ₹0.01 MM
19 Dr.V.Kumar Chinnaiyan
EE Scheme for Promoting Impressed, Creativity and Ethics among students AICTE -- 16.06.2021 ₹0.1 MM
20 Dr. S. Ramachandran
Dr. D. Venugopal
CH/EC AICTE Distinguished Chair Professor Scheme- Dr Prem Vrat, Dr V K Raina AICTE -- 20.05.2021 ₹0.1 MM
21 Dr. M. Kumar ME Development and characterization of novel additive manufactured functionally graded aluminium composite for energy efficient brake rotor application DST-SERB-TARE 3 years 02.12.2021 ₹1.83 MM
22 Dr. V. Seethalakshmi
Dr. K. Kalirajan
EC Upgradation of Optical and Microwave Laboratory AICTE-AQIS 2 years 16.11.2021 ₹2.021 MM
23 Dr.S.Arivazhagan
Dr. S. Kanmani
CE Splitting of Korai grass for fine mat weaving by using technological machine by fine mat weaving artisans IIT PALS 2 years 01.11.2021 ₹0.03 MM
24 Dr.K.Mohana Sundaram
EE Development of Live Human Detecting Soft Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation DST-DDP 2 years 22.10.2021 ₹2.201451 MM
25 Dr. M. Kathirvelu
Dr. J. Muralidharan
Mr.S. Satheeshkumar
EC Neuromorphic Computing for AI AICTE-ISTE -- 21.09.2021 ₹0.093 MM
26 Dr.V.Kumar Chinnaiyan
EE FDP on Cutting Edge Technologies in Energy Storage System for E - Mobility ATAL Academy -- 07.06.2021 ₹0.093 MM
Total₹12.535231 MM
Grants Received 2020-2021
1 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE FDP on Advancements in Electric Vehicle Technology A Paradigm Shift ATAL 08.02.2021-12.02.2021 20.01.2021 ₹0.093 MM
2 Dr. J. Karpagam EE FDP on Advancements in Battery Management System and its Application ATAL 08.02.2021-12.02.2021 20.01.2021 ₹0.093 MM
3 Dr. M. G. Sumithra EC FDP on Design Thinking ATAL 19.10.2020-23.10.2020 19.10.2020 ₹0.093 MM
4 Prof. T. Jagadesh EE National Level Workshop on Recent Advancements Infrared Thermography Techniques for Electrical Panels TNSCST 18.03.2021-19.03.2021 28.09.2020 ₹0.02 MM
5 Dr. V. Seethalakshmi EC STTP on Integrated IOT and Deep learning for smart healthcare AICTE-STTP Aug-20 08.10.2020 ₹0.358333 MM
6 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE Short Term Training Program on “Recent Advancements in Integeration of Distributed Energy Resources for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Energy Management using Internet of Energy” AICTE-STTP (AQIS 2018-19) Jan-20 2020 ₹0.404066 MM
7 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE Design and Operational Perspective of Electric Vehicle with Distributed Energy Resources using Cyber Physical System AICTE-FDP 1 Year 30.07.2020 ₹0.445833 MM
8 Dr. K. S. Elango CE Digitized Universal Testing Machine (100T) AICTE-MODROB 2 Years 20.07.2020 ₹1.509804 MM
Total₹3.017036 MM
Grants Received 2019-2020
1 Ms. S. Bharani CE One Day Seminar on “Air Quality and Transportation Challenges in Metro Cities” IE(I) Jan-20 21.01.2020 ₹0.01 MM
2 Dr. R. Dharmaraj
Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi
C. Visali (Student)
CE Improving the self-cleaning performance of concrete using photocatalyst in Eco-Efficient Way IE(I) 1 Year 31.12.2019 ₹0.06 MM
3 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Short Term Training Program on “Disaster Mitigation and Management” AICTE-STTP (AQIS 2018-19) Jan-20 12.12.2019 ₹0.336666 MM
4 Ms. B. S. Meenakshi
Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi
Dr. S. Kanmani
CE Implementation of Mobile Biotoilet in KPR Campus KPR-SEED 1 Year 03.12.2019 ₹0.1 MM
5 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan
Ms. R. Revathi
EE Two Day National Level Seminar on “IoT Based Control Strategies for AC/DC Microgrids with Distributed Energy Storage Systems” 10-11 January 2020 CSIR Jan-20 13.11.2019 ₹0.03 MM
6 Ms. B. Lalitha EE Parametric monitoring and controlling of wind turbine based on wireless transmission by using IoT concept TNSCST 3 Months 02.10.2019 ₹0.0075 MM
7 Mr. T. Rajasekaran CS Automatic Animal Movement Detection on Camera Traps in Sathyamangalam Forest using Modified Inception V3 Algorithm TNSCST 4 Months 02.10.2019 ₹0.004 MM
8 Dr. S. Kanmani CE Investigation of heavy metal attenuation through biobarrier due to leachate permeation from an open dump yard at Vellalore in coimbatore City TNSCST 3 Months 02.10.2019 ₹0.0075 MM
9 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Women Entrepreneurship and Skill Development SERB Sep-19 07.09.2019 ₹0.075 MM
10 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Micro Filtration through polysulphone based water minimizer IE(I) Jul-19 22.07.2019 ₹0.03 MM
11 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Seminar on Disaster Mitigation and Management SERB Jul-19 12.07.2019 ₹0.05 MM
Total₹0.710666 MM
Grants Received 2018-2019
1 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE Innovative andragogical and effective teaching -learning methodologies for millennium generation learners AQIS-AICTE Nov-19 25.02.2019 ₹0.296 MM
2 Dr. Anil Kumar Chemistry Unnat Bhart Abhiyan (UBA) MHRD 1 Year 29.10.2018 ₹0.5 MM
3 Dr. G Ganesh Prabhu,
Dr. J Sridhar
CE Third International Conference on Sustainable Practices in Civil Engineering SERB 2 Days 2018 ₹0.2 MM
4 Dr. S. Pratheep Kumar Chemistry Synthesis, structural and thermal expansion studies of novel langbeinites for high temperature applications ECR-SERB 3 Years 17.03.2018 ₹2.575 MM
Total₹3.571 MM
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