Ignitrron, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

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United Thoughts United Outcomes

Ignitrron KPRIET aims to technically enlighten the students skills in various sectors of upcoming technological world ,so as to cope up with the competitive environment .It is a place where students can enhance themselves into the technical world.


To improving the technological skills and knowledge, developing leadership qualities and team coordination among the Students


To provide a forum for the student’s fraternity to grow and show their technical prowess in the areas of their Interest

Short Term Goals

To enable the smooth functioning of our 11 clubs and enhance technical knowledge, along with leadership and coordination skills, among the students

Long Term Goals

To organize an elite national level tech fest, attracting tech enthusiasts from all corners of the country

Ignitrron Organizational Structure

Head - Ignitrron


Mr. Udhayakumar N
Assistant Professor (Sr. G)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Associate Head - Ignitrron


Mrs. S. Brindha
Assistant Professor
Department of English

Sl. No. Name Design. Dept. Year
1 Gokul S. N. T President(B) EC IV
2 Sandhiya.N President(G) BM IV
3 Manikandan.A Vice president(B) EE III
4 RohiniC.S Vice president(G) EC III
5 Gokularaman.B Secretary(B) ME IV
6 Kiruthika.R Secretary(G) CE IV
7 Arunagiri.M Joint Secretary(B) EC III
8 Megaranjani Joint Secretary(G) CS III
9 Muralidharan.G Treasurer(B) CH IV
10 Myvili.S Treasurer(G) ME IV
11 Nithish Krishna Joint Treasurer(B) CE III
12 Pavithra.S Joint Treasurer(G) EC III
13 Sattish.R Event Co-Ordinators EC IV
14 Hariharan.G Event Co-Ordinators ME IV
15 Aaditi Event Co-Ordinators BM III
16 Satish.G Event Co-Ordinators AD II
17 Fathima Safa Executive Members BM IV
18 Gokul.S Executive Members EE III
19 Dhayalini Executive Members CS II
20 Thirumurugan Executive Members CH II

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