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Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle

We propose to provide a possible way for the eco-friendly transport within our campus


Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle

Cause for the project

The distance between the Main Gate and the college premises is quite long to walk.

Dependence on other transport facilities like auto, cab, etc.,

Time taken to walk the distance is more.

Parents from long distance have difficulties in reaching campus.

Objectives of the project

To provide transport facilities for the students specifically for hostellers.

To have a self-driven vehicle for the students between campus and main gate which operates on its own (AGV).

To monitor the status, availability of vehicle and to review the users log (e-log).

To eliminate the pollution in the green campus.


Students can access the vehicle by scanning the barcode on their respective ID cards provided. The vehicle will be ready to drive only after ID verification.

The data of the user like roll number, location and time of access can be stored in our database for monitoring.

The vehicle can be driven manually or it can drive on its own using Artificial intelligence.

Since the vehicle can operate automatically in the predefined path without human aid and it can be called from the zone where it demands so that the accumulation of vehicles in a specified zone due to the unidirectional movement of vehicle can be avoided

The vehicle is capable to detect the obstacle as a result the speed and direction of the vehicle can be changed accordingly.

The movement of the vehicle can be limited to a certain area (Geo-fencing)

Social Relevance and Usefulness of the product

It can eliminate pollution in the green campus as it is a E-vehicle

The vehicle can also be charged by using solar power which makes the running cost zero.

As the monitoring and operation of the vehicle is autonomous the man power of maintenance can be eliminated.

A student who doesn’t own a vehicle can use this vehicle for transportation.

This vehicle can be altered in a way to carry goods so that transportation of material in industry will become easy.

Project Done by
B.E. Mechanical Engineering (Batch 2017-2021) students

1. S. Mahesh

2. J. V. Sai Koushik

3. O.Kishore

4. S. Tariq Aziz

Guided by

Mr. N. Udhayakumar, AP / Mechanical