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Automotive Electrical Systems

(Starters, Alternators & Batteries)

BML 2415, The BAT 131 & BML 2415

Output voltage is free of interference and voltage peaks and allows battery charging directly on the vehicle electrical system without disconnecting the battery (DIN 40839, interference emission level I). Electrical components like airbags, ECUs and others are protected against damage during charging. The device is safe against over charging and overflow. Display for charge status, interference and reverse polarity. Switch for 12 V / 24 V. Switch for temperature range of the battery

Battery Tester

BAT 131: The BAT 131 is a portable battery tester with a large LCD display and a multi-language menu-guided interface, suitable for testing across the DIN, JIS, EN, SAE, IEC and EN2 standards.With the capability to test 12 V and 24 V starter and charging systems, the tester can support the optional use of a current clamp, enabling more extensive testing and improving test results. The BAT 131 is the benchmark in battery testing on cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles with lead-acid, EFB, gel and AGM batteries

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