Materials Research and Manufacturing Group, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

Materials Research and Manufacturing Group

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Materials Research

The core research group focus on the following sustainable development goals,


About MRM

Materials science was an early model for interdisciplinary research. Materials Science & Engineering combines Physics and Chemistry principles with various engineering disciplines to address global challenges in real-world problems. Materials such as Metals, Semiconductors, Ceramics, Polymers, Composites, and carbon allotropes make our life easier. They are the roots of industrial growth and technological changes. All the other engineering branches are highly relying on materials scientists and engineers for the development of advanced materials. Materials scientists in the last 50 years created a whole new class of materials and products for a broad range of applications. The recent development in various technologies such as eco-friendly vehicles, low-cost & long-lasting batteries, high-speed computers with compact electronic circuits, and advanced biomedical devices, is possible due to the progress made in this field

Our MRM Group consists of 11 faculty members from different disciplines with a broad area of expertise and research interests such as Inorganic ceramic materials, Electrochemical biosensors, Multiscale modeling of charge transport in molecular semiconductors, Nanomaterials for sustainable energy and environmental remediation, 3D printing, Natural fiber Composites, Magnetic materials, Water and wastewater treatment, etc. Members of the team are engaged in research in a warm collaborative environment, involving internal, external (Academic research & Industrial consultancy), and international collaborations. In addition to research activities, MRM is also offering an elective course on "Advanced Materials Science" for the engineering students at our institute


Sub - Research Groups @ MRM




To support the broad materials science and engineering community of our institute for building an interdisciplinary bridge between various research domains in the field of Materials Science

To engage with industry and identify their challenges that can be addressed by our multi-disciplinary research teams and to give materials-based solutions to their problems

To enable disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in materials research for the benefit of society and to develop strategic partnerships around the world to advance the research in materials

To generate research grants and to establish the materials laboratory with the start-of- art research facilities


Major Research Facilities

Materials synthesis

Ball milling technique, Fume hood for chemical synthesis, High-temperature furnace, Autoclave


3D printer, Compression Moulding, Stir casting equipment

Simulation tools

WIEN2k Software package tool for electronic structure calculations of solid materials


X-Ray Diffractometer (with high-temperature accessory setup), UV-vis spectrometer, and Electrochemical workstation, Pin on disk equipment for wear testing


Research Interests

Nanomaterials, 2D materials and devices

Solid State Chemistry, Ceramic and Magnetic materials

3D Printing, Tribology, Corrosion, Additive Manufacturing

Photocatalysis, Electrocatalysis, Photo-electrocatalysis& water splitting

Hybrid Nanofluids& Computational Fluid Dynamics

Electrochemical Biosensors and gas sensors

Charge transport in Semiconductors

DFT, Molecular Dynamics & Monte-Carlo Simulation

Water and Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Biotechnology


Core Research Group

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Focused Area

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