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Ask a Computer Science Engineer is a public outreach activity by Department of Computer Science Engineer at KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology run by the department volunteers


Most people often equate the study of Computer Science to the study of computer programming. Edsger Dijkstra – one of the pioneers of the Computer Science discipline once said, Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. The study of Computer Science encompasses much more than programming and involves a variety of topics such as analysis and design of algorithms, formal design techniques, design of programming languages, software engineering, assembly language and computer organization, distributed computing, artificial intelligence and mathematical analysis.

Computer engineer is the one who efficiently organize, store and retrieve data, how to write efficient programs, probe the limits of algorithmic techniques in designing programs to behave intelligently, develop new applications that benefit society and humankind, design complex software programs and design effective interfaces between programs and humans.

A common misconception among students attracted to the discipline is that they will learn to be skilled web page developers, graphic specialists, or applicative users -word processing, spreadsheet, graphical design, and CAD applications. If your interest is in learning about tools for the creation of computer art, then an art major with a minor in CS or Information Science would be most beneficial. If your interest is in creating efficient software applications, including internetworking software applications for the World Wide Web, then a CS degree with an appropriate minor would be your best option. Please set up a visit and talk to us if your career interests are in the design, analysis and development of software systems.

The rapid growth in technology-based jobs in all industries has created a need for technologically skilled professionals. Virtually every industry applies Computer Science professionals in a variety of ways – from computerized control of hazardous and remote environments to payroll processing in traditional industries. Industry, government and businesses seeking graduates in a wide variety of areas including software systems design, internet computing and networking, regularly recruit our graduates. Thus, career opportunities for Computer Science graduates are limitless. We are well known for offering well-designed curricula, setting challenging academic standards and providing well-qualified graduates for businesses and organizations. To support our students’ aspirations of lifelong learning and meet their employers’ needs, in addition to helping develop technical depth in our field, we help our students develop critical thinking, teamwork and effective communication skills.

Cloud Computing, Cyber Security , Graphics and Gaming, Virtualization, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Wireless communication, Speech Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Bio-Informatics, Soft Computing, Algorithms, DBMS, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Fuzzy Logic, Operating Systems, Data Mining , Simulation & Modelling , entrepreneurship etc.

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