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Welcome to KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, a vibrant and welcoming college filled with joy. Life at KPRIET is filled with innovative, cultural, social sporting and recreation activities.

Learn beyond Engineering at KPRIET

As a student, you will have access to range of activities, labs and events that will enable you learn beyond, help you make friends, make impact, express yourself and provide you with experience that you will cherish forever.


Sky is the only limit for KPRIETians

KPR Institute of Technology is a lively campus, we run hundreds of events and webinars thought the semester. At KPRIET, sky is the only limit.

Join a club

Arts, Music, Space, Drones, Scifi, Novel, Whatever your passion is, KPRIET has over 100 in-house clubs and societies. completely managed by students and mentored by faculties. Get ready to meet new people and develop new skills

Explore Yourself

At KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, we don’t want you to be any one, but you. We help you realise your inner potential though our various programs. KPRIET offers galleries and spaces to showcase any talents you have.

Upskill yourself

We have hundreds of upskilling programs happening through the semester exclusive for KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology students and alumni community. AT KPRIET you always learn beyond


21st Century Engineering College in Coimbatore

World is transforming everyday. In the rapidly evolving engineering landscape, we have an Increased responsibility to transform the engineering education from traditional curriculum to meet the 21st century skills like Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. Through our unique and strategic approach we enable our students to learn beyond and prepare them for life long success.