Indian Welding Society

Indian Welding Society

Indian Welding Society is a Professional Body devoted to welding in India.IWS is governed by a National Governing Council. The members of NGC are elected through postal ballot system. The President is nominated by the outgoing Council and will retire after a term of two years.


To be a leading global community linking industry, research and academicians for the advancement of welding Science and Material joining


To advance welding and joining through a worldwide network

Faculty Coordinator

Assistant Professor (SL.G) / Mechanical

Student Coordinators

Mr.S.P.Saran - President

Mr.D.Rajasekar - Secretary

  • To facilitate exchange of ideas, information, development work etc. amongst members; by organizing lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and development programs; publish periodicals, books, journals, and magazines; and develop software and educational programs, video films and training packages relating to the objectives of the Society.
  • To provide Training and education of rural youth in welding and help them to settle for a quality life.
  • To promote professional exchange of information, experience and advanced training within and among various countries across the globe.
  • To offer flexible class room/distance learning programs in various aspects of welding & related technology that suit to requirements of various levels.
  • To promote education, training and qualification in welding in India in parallel with international standards that are globally recognized and accepted.
  • Foster R&D in welding.
  • Promote health & safety in welding.
Sl. No. Event Date Name of the Event
1 27.11.2021 Investor Awareness Program
2 09.02.2021 Webinar on “Recent Trends in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing”
3 05.02.2021 Webinar on “Severe Plastic Deformation Processing of Materials”
4 19.11.2020 Webinar on “Importance of Iron- Iron carbide diagram”
5 31.10.2020 Webinar on “Post weld coating for Fire resistant application”
6 12.09.2020 Webinar on “Investor awareness program”
7 23.08.2020 Technical event “Ignitrron CADD Proficient”
8 20.07.2020 Webinar is planned on “Welding of Nickel based alloys - Scope and Challenges”
9 06.07.2020 webinar on “Career opportunities in Welding”

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