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An Echoing Symphony

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The Unity of arts is an enabler of all the initiatives. The Team is a manifestation of 19 clubs to bring out the real potential of our students and to enrich their skills. During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology inaugurated the grand Sangamam for conducting online webinars and various types of cultural and educational events for school and college students. E-certificates are provided for both the internal and external participants as a token of appreciation


To identify and nourish the talents of diverse nature, provide a conducive environment for showcasing potentials and to enhance the creative ability of the young minds for professional and personal growth.


  • To build teamwork, nurture artistic caliber, foster organizing skills and develop leadership qualities
  • To facilitate an ideal climate for exhibiting excellence in academics

Short Term Goals

  • To showcase the talents of the students and bring out the best in them
  • To make each and every student active in all cultural activities to develop confidence

Long Term Goals

  • To groom the personality of young minds in fulfilling societal aspirations
  • To create cultural and social awareness on and off campus and extend community relationships locally and globally


Team Agniprava
Dance Club

25 students from 1st and 2nd year students representing the dance club of KPRIET, participated in a national level dance competition, Vande Baratham. They competed at state level in Bangalore and now they have got selected for the finals to be held in New Delhi.

Ms. Vinothini G
Graffio Club

Ms. Vinothini G of final year (2022 Batch) EEE is a trademark mehendi artist from our Graffio club. She has been featured in International Book Of Records for the World Record of Youngest Mehandi Artist to apply Mehandi On Both Hands and Arms till Elbow length (Front and Back) in Short Time" which is 23 minutes. She has also won Rashtriya Nirman Ratna Award, which is an government approved award, for her talent towards art and her past achievements in mehendi.

Ms. Sruthi R
Sweet Talkerz Club

Ms.Sruthi always had a passion for poetry in her heart. She has bagged various prizes internally in college events. She has secured A+ grade in the poetry contest conducted by RD National College of arts and science conducted on the occasion of world poetry day on 21st march.

Mr. Arun Pandian
Sweet Talkerz Club

Mr. Arun Pandian of IV CSE, is one of the founding members of our Sweet Talkerz club. He is currently working as a Data Scientist Intern at a leading AI Based Company. The skills learned from Sweet Talkerz club added more charm to his technical skills. As an undergraduate researcher he has contributed to a number of Multi-disciplinary Research in collaboration with an abroad university. He researched and co -authored two research papers on computer vision in Structural engineering. With the right platform to learn public speaking and english writing skills, Arun was able to become a TEDx Speaker while he still was a student at college. He spoke about Engineering: a sustainable future and enlightened the engineering students at the event.

Ms. Livyashree
Radio Club

Ms.Livyashree of II ECE, also the student coordinator of the radio club, was a natural talent. She has participated in many pattimandrams and talk shows organized and broadcasted by television channels like doordarshan, Zee TV etc… and had won many prizes. She also hosted one world record event where our college students performed. She has also co-authored and published a book titled “ World of women”.

Head - Sangamam


Dr. V. Rajeshkumar
Assistant Professor (Sl. G)
Department of Civil Engineering
Associate Head - Sangamam


Ms. D. Sudha
Assistant Professor (Sr. G)
Department of Chemistry

Sl. No. Name Design. Dept. Year
1 Aravind T President(B) CS IV
2 Kavipriya R President(G) EE IV
3 Sasikumar P Vice President(B) CS III
4 Mithra S Vice President(G) AD III
5 Deepakraj D V Secretary(B) EC IV
6 Iniya G G Secretary(G) BM IV
7 Dhanushh M S Joint Secretary(B) ME III
8 Rithika J Joint Secretary(G) CH III
9 Deepak J Treasurer(B) EE IV
10 Kaleeshwari R Treasurer(G) BM IV
11 Pranava Darisan S V Joint Treasurer(B) AD III
12 Livyashree M Joint Treasurer(G) EC III
13 Swathika T Event Coordinator CS IV
14 Loganathan T Event Coordinator CS IV
15 Kathiravan T Event Coordinator CE III
16 Sangeetha M Event Coordinator CE III
17 Murugavel Suryaa S Event Coordinator EE III
18 Samsheeray Allam A Event Coordinator AD III
19 Swaathi Saminathan Event Coordinator AD II
20 Lithyashree V Event Coordinator BM II
21 Monika V Event Coordinator CH II
22 Santoshi B Event Coordinator CE II
23 Swetha S Event Coordinator CS II
24 Girithar R R Event Coordinator EE II
25 Kirthika S Event Coordinator EC II
26 Gokul S Event Coordinator ME II
27 Raga Shakthi Kannan G Event Coordinator ME II
28 Sridhar Shakthivel S Executive Member ME IV
29 Akhila B Executive Member CS IV
30 Devadharshini J Executive Member EE III
31 Premkumar V Executive Member EC III
32 Kanika S Executive Member CS II
33 Nishanthini G Executive Member BM II
34 Sibi Nandhan S Executive Member ME II
35 Narenthar R Executive Member BM II
36 Vignesh R IT Team (Social Media Handler) CH II
37 Davis L IT Team (Branding Member) AD III
38 Guru Prasath M IT Team (Branding Member) CS III
39 Vibin R A IT Team (Branding Member) ME III
40 Vijay G IT Team (Branding Member) ME III
41 Abhinav M IT Team (Branding Member) CS II
42 Dakshin K IT Team (Branding Member) CS II
43 Divya P IT Team (Branding Member) CS II
44 Ajay T S IT Team (Poster Editor) CH II
45 Jithesh M D IT Team (Poster Editor) CS II
46 Thanushkodi Adhithyan P IT Team (Poster Editor) CE II
47 Pravin U S IT Team (Video Editor) EC III
48 Palanisamy K S IT Team (Video Editor) EC III
49 Sharmida Lakshmi S S IT Team (Content Writer) BM II
50 Vinothane K T IT Team (Content Writer) CH II
51 Chitra Devi S IT Team (Webpage Designer) CS III
52 Gayathri Devi P IT Team (Webpage Designer) CS III
53 Aravind R M IT Team (Webpage Designer) CS III



Whether you're after adventure and new experiences, making friends and meeting new people, or if you just want to explore something you love, explore your options from among the types of clubs listed below.

Student Coordinators

Mr. Aravind T

Mr. Aravind T, President of Sangamam pursuing his final year B. E Computer Science and Engineering. His contribution and evolvement from being an member of shutterbugs in first year(2019 - 2020). From the member of shutterbugs to founder of Sweet Talkerz Kpriet his contribution and efforts are endless.He had took part and hosted many events which had been a great success. TEDX KPRIET showed up his leadership qualities which paved the way for being as a JOINT TREASURER OF SANGAMAM (2021-2022).Not only being a leader he has took up every minute roles ,worked hard and sculpted himself to be a better leader. His ceaseless efforts and thirst towards bringing up students' hidden skills and encouraging them for their passion has made him to light up many budding talents. Being Optimistic, Teamwork,Leadership, creative thinking, motivating energy, sociality skills made him to be a better leader and now a proud president of sangamam.

Ms. Kavipriya R

She started her career at college in the academic year 2019-2020. She had inbuilt talents and craze to contribute for the events. She took part in many events and got opportunity to become the member of ECO Club, Internet Radio Club and too she played the major role to enrich the club called Youth Parliament. She took up the role of leadership and coordinated many events. Her enormous efforts uplifted her to the position of Vice President of SANGAMAM in the academic year 2021-2022. Also, her dedicated passion made her department to select her as the Secretary of KPRIET-IAEMP chapter. She encouraged the members to actively participate and achieve in the events inside and outside the campus. Her multi-talented skills and friendly attitude made her as the President of SANGAMAM for the academic year 2022-2023.

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