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Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Lab is used to provide the students knowledge about strategic consultancy and planning and also empower them to learn high end drawings and models. In this centre combination of architecture, engineering, project management, software engineering and education which is used to improve the ways of how buildings are designed and constructed. BIM Lab helps the students to identify, implement and manage the technology and business practice that will enable more effective coordination, communication and collaboration



To play key role in plan,design ,construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.



To demonstrate how to balance the technical requirements with project management skills in implementing BIM methodology


Courses Offered

Short Term Courses

  • Software Courses
  • Online Internship courses
  • Mock Interviews for Placement
  • Company specific training
  • Exposure to latest design techniques and design standards

Long Term Courses

  • BIM Certified course
  • Design projects for undergraduate and post graduate program


Software Vendor Licence Type No of Licence Purpose
E-TABS Computers and Structures Education and Research Licence 10 Analysing and Designing a Structure.
Sketchup Pro Trimble Inc. Premium Subscription 1 Designing a Realistic Model.
Auto CADD Autodesk Educational Version [Open Source] 14 Drafting, Planning and Documentation.
Auto CADD MEP Autodesk Educational Version [Open Source] 14 Drafting, Designing and Documentation of MEP.
Revit Architecture Autodesk Educational Version [Open Source] 14 Building Information Modelling.
3DS Max Autodesk Educational Version [Open Source] 14 Designing a Realistic Model.
Civil 3D Autodesk Educational Version [Open Source] 14 Building Information Modelling.
Navy Works Manage Autodesk Educational Version [Open Source] 14 Building Information Modelling.

Consultancy (Cost per sqft)

S. No. Testing & Characterization Facility For Other Edu. Institutes For Govt. R&D Labs For Industries
1 2 D Plan 3 3 4
2 3 D modelling 5 5 6
3 Interior design 8 8 9
4 Analysis & design 6 6 7
5 Estimation 2 2 3


Mrs. Kavitha R
Asst. Prof. (Sr. G.) / CE
Mr. Ram Vivekananthan M

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