Centre for Machining and Material Testing, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India


Centre for Machining and Material Testing

The aim of Centre for Machining and Material Testing (CMMT) is to carry out the research and consultancy activities.



  • To facilitate quality research for students, academicians and researchers in the areas of Materials and Machining.
  • To support research projects by providing assistance in both technical and practical aspects.
  • To create general awareness among students about technical research in the areas of materials and machining.
  • To establish a link between the Institute and Industries and provide technical assistance at large.


Courses Offered

Hands on training on “CNC Programming and Machining”




S. No. Equipment Name Purpose Cost / Sample Consultancy Fee/Day
1 CNC Vertical Machining Centre For machining complex profiles 400 500
2 CNC Turning Centre For turning of various profiles 250 500
3 Surface Roughness Tester To measure the surface irregularities 150 250
4 Stir Casting To fabricate the hybrid composites 750 500
5 Trinocular Microscope To have an optical view of various microstructures and profiles 350 500
6 Double Disk Polishing To polish the samples to study its characterization 100/hr NA
7 Specimen Mounting Press To prepare the samples for polishing and various other studies 100 NA
8 Pin on Disk To study the wear properties of the material 350 300
9 Ball Milling To mix as well reduce the size of the micro sized particle to nano size particle 75 200
10 Linisher Polisher Used for polishing the samples 350 500
11 Binocular Microscope To have the magnified and clear image of the samples 350 500
12 Fatigue Tester To study the fatigue failure of the components 300 300
13 Profile Projector To study the magnified image of the profiles 250 250
14 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine To measure the components or jobs precisely 250 250
15 Compression Moulding Machine To fabricate the polymers based composites 500 500
16 Shore D Hardness Tester To study the hardness of the plastics 100 200
17 Digitalized Impact Testing Machine for Plastics To study the impact energy of the plastics 200 300


Dr. S. Sathish
Dr. S. Sathish
Asst. Prof. (Sl. G.) / ME
Email: sathish.s@kpriet.ac.in

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