EKKI International Water Technology Centre, KPR Institute Engineering and Technology, Autonomous Engineering Institution, Coimbatore, India

EKKI International Water Technology Centre

EKKI Pumps and KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology have jointly set up an EKKI-KPR International Water Technology Centre at our college premises. The centre has a product gallery, fluid factory with testing facilities, and a knowledge transfer classroom. EKKI and the College have jointly invested ₹30 lakhs in the facility, which will be used to train KPR college students, customers and staff of EKKI.

It is a global centre of excellence for pumps and water-related technologies. The centre will exchange the best practices in teaching and research for the pump industry and water-related technologies. The centre will organize a continuous training for students, faculty members which provide a collaborative research work by students and the faculty, and efforts for product improvement, apart from skill training programmes not only in pumps but in various water related technologies.

According to Kanishka Arumugam, Director of EKKI Pumps, “We want to make an excellent example of how the industry and an institute can coordinate”. He said “We have seen how academic institutions and industry can work together successfully at Fraunhofer in Germany and the Warwick Manufacturing Group in England.”



To be the centre of excellence in pumping technology by training students and professionals to meet the global and industrial needs with professional ethics and social consciousness.



  • Providing technical, intellectual and ethical environment to students and professionals for gaining practical skills on pumping technology.
  • Collaborating with industries for exposure and innovation.
  • Enabling the students and professionals to serve the society through prolific ideas.


Courses Offered

Short Term Courses

  • Orientation Course on Skill Enhancement on Pumps
  • Value Added Course

Long Term Courses

  • Pump Technology - Introductory Course
  • Pump Manufacturing and Testing
  • Pumps - Sales and Service
  • Pumps - Design and Quality


Borewell Pumpsets

  1. 4N - ER41H/30 - 2 HP (4N - ER42H/10 - Pump)
  2. 4J - ER42HJ/10 - 1 HP (V6 - 3HP MOTOR)
  3. 4NO - ER40H O/25 - 1.5 HP (6C - EM61/6 - Pump)
  4. 54N - ER546/44 - 6 HP (6S - SP40/5)
  5. 6C - ER62/6 - 3 HP (TP55 - 2HP)
  6. 8C - ER82/5 - 15 HP
  7. PHM - MBPB0503
  8. 4S - Pump & M4WS Motor

Domestic Pumpsets

  1. SP - 5DZ
  2. SPS - DSM2
  3. SPZ - 5EZ - VC
  4. ESK - DC10PH
  5. HOT - DTH10
  6. VOK - ER542H - 1HP/ 10 STAGE
  7. HOK VR DH10R
  8. HOK DH10PH
  9. 6CC 15D6
  10. CJD102

Openwell Pumpsets

  1. VOL - 90DAM (VOS 5DT)
  2. VOL - 90DAM (ESL DC50PH)
  3. VOL - 90DAM (HOS DH50MH)

Team Members

Ms. B. Lalitha
Ms. B. Lalitha
Asst. Prof. (Sr. G.) / EE
Email: lalitha.b@kpriet.ac.in
Dr. S. Ravindran
Dr. S. Ravindran
Asst. Prof. (Sl. G.) / EE
Email: ravindran.s@kpriet.ac.in
Dr. S. Kanmani
Dr. S. Kanmani
Asso. Prof. / CE
Email: kanmani.s@kpriet.ac.in
Ms. V. Bhuvaneswari
Ms. V. Bhuvaneswari
Asst. Prof. (Sr. G.) / ME
Email: bhuvaneswari.v@gmail.com
Mr. C. J. Vignesh
Mr. C. J. Vignesh
Asst. Prof. (Sr. G.) / EE
Email: vignesh.cj@kpriet.ac.in



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